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A House, Undone

2021 Award Winner
A House, Undone by T. Clear

Judge Priscilla Long selected A House, Undone by T. Clear of Seattle, WA as winner, from a field of 53 entries.

Here's what the judge had to say: "I like its grit and its focus and the beauty of its 'abrubted couplets,' its language."

Praise for A House, Undone

“Not only is T. Clear’s A House, Undone the most downright enjoyable book of poetry I’ve read in a good while, it’s also got me seriously stirred about house and home. These poems turn personal loss and uprootedness into a highly contagious empathy for those whose dwellings we couldn’t call houses. This poet has me laughing out loud then achingly sad and outraged by quick turns through her pages. The book is so right for this American moment, but the truth is, it’s right for all history, everywhere.”
   —Jed Myers, author of Watching the Perseids and The Marriage of Space and Time

T. Clear

A House, Undone: $16.00

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