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Sally Albiso Award Winners

Priscilla Long
Photo by Jerry Jaz

2020 Award Winner
Holy Magic by Priscilla Long

Judge Carmen Germain selected Holy Magic by Priscila Long of Seattle, WA as winner, from a field of 35 entries.

Here's what the judge had to say:"Holy Magic is rich in fresh imagery, is intelligent, and is wide-ranging while at the same time thematically linked with the meditations and focus on color, which I felt gave the manuscript unity. I also saw and appreciated forays into forms such as sestina and (maybe) nonce forms; this showed me a poet who was open to other approaches. The work is also rich in word-music. It is the manuscript that kept me reading and re-reading: I found `make it new` there, and liked the life and energy in the poems."

Priscilla Long's Website


First: Lillo Way
Second: Chris Dahl


Lend Me Your Wings
Fat Birds


Judith Carroll
Suzanne Edison
Helena Fagan
Sherry Green
Camden Jones
Melissa Madenski
Michael Malan
Jayne Marek
Sandra Noel
Sylvia Pollack
Stephen Roxborough
Deborah Brink Wöhrman


Ordinary Splendor
We Make & Break
Breathing You Home
There Comes a Healing Mist
The Yukon Appears
Not Exactly What I Expected
Deep Territory
Night Chorus
Ghosts in the Pine Woods
Risking It
liquid planet blue
You Can Call It Beautiful