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Carol Levin

Carol Levin

After her background as a modern dancer, artistic director of a small dance troupe and teacher to adult non dancers for ten years, Carol Levin studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater. Her acting led her to writing and to the Alexander Technique.

Levin’s poems have been widely published in journals and anthologies, print and online, in Russia, New Zealand and the US. They have been set to music by singer composer Carol Sams and performed by several chorales. As former Literary Manager for The Art Theater of Puget Sound she collaborated with a Russian theater director from Vladivostok, Leonid Anisimov and his translator, Laura Akhmilovskia in translating and producing Anton Chekhov’s four major plays, as well as compiling and translating a dictionary of Stanislavski terms.

Carol Levin’s previous poetry collections are Stunned By the Velocity, Red Rooms and Others and Sea Lions Sing Scat. She is an Editorial Assistant at the venerable journal, CrabCreek Review and she teaches The Breathing Lab/Alexander Technique, in Seattle, Washington.

Read an interview with Carol on the Seattle Opera Blog.

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Poem from Confident Music Would Fly Us to Paradise

There’s No Right Way to Do This Wrong

The average kill date
for flowering plants is
November 11th
explains the gardening guru
in the morning news.
He says, pot
them up, cut them back
by half, bring them in
to a bright room.
Yet, I know
all the light
in the universe
won’t keep us
from dying.
I can see you bringing
of hospice
and family
into a room
of vintage green-leaf
wallpaper like mine
after the doctor
comes himself
to that room
to explain
the waning season.
Of course
I will have
the doctor’s
forecast, and order
fresh seeds, new