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Hitchhiking the Highway of Tears


In the Presence of Absence


Patriarchy Blues
Cosmic Egg


Natural Affinities
Gone To Gold Mountain


Lost Salmon
Night Beyond Black


The Body, A Tree
Once Removed


Not Aloud
Tree Talk


Lake of Fallen Constellations
What Water Does at a Time Like This


Ravenous Bliss
Confident Music Would Fly Us to Paradise


One of Seven Billion
The Situation & What Crosses It


Something Like A River
Impossible Lessons


Willingly Would I Burn
Suits For the Swarm


And Now This
Lean House


All Our Brown-Skinned Angels
Diary of the One Swelling Sea


What the Alder Told Me
That Thread Still Conncting Us


The Strange & Beautiful Life of Daniel Raskovich
Cinders of My Better Angels


Book and cover designs by Tonya Namura