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Through Pine Shadows


Slow Now With Clear Skies
Dining Al Fresco with My Dog


Tangled in Vow & Beseech
The Scarecrow of My Former Self


To Walk the North Direction
The Pear Tree: elegy for a farm


You Can Call It Beautiful
Dream World


Five Fundamental Forces
Ways of Being


A Bird Watching
The Arborists


Chaos Theory for Beginners


Hospice House
The Memory of Water


Life Drawing


Since the House Is Burning
Ordinary Splendor


Spring Meditation
The Shapes of Time


The Language of Tides
Terra Firma


A House, Undone
Each Leaf Singing


Sun Rising Into Storm
Betweem River & Street


Pages Of White Sky
Intetion Tremor


The Lesson of Plums


Why Horses
Light Entering My Bones


Call This Room a Station


The Walk She Takes
The Slow Subtraction: A.L.S.


A River Once More


The Old Refusals
The Marriage of Space and Time


Mostly Luck
How We Move Toward Light


An Undercurrent of Jitters
What's Left'


Between Darkness & Trust
Moonless Grief


slight faith
They Were Called Records, Kids


Villain Songs


An Exaltation of Tongues
Hitchhiking the Highway of Tears


In the Presence of Absence


Patriarchy Blues
Cosmic Egg


Natural Affinities
Gone To Gold Mountain


Lost Salmon
Night Beyond Black


The Body, A Tree
Once Removed


Not Aloud
Tree Talk


Lake of Fallen Constellations
What Water Does at a Time Like This


Ravenous Bliss
Confident Music Would Fly Us to Paradise


One of Seven Billion
The Situation & What Crosses It


Something Like A River
Impossible Lessons


Willingly Would I Burn
Suits For the Swarm


And Now This
Lean House


All Our Brown-Skinned Angels
Diary of the One Swelling Sea


What the Alder Told Me
That Thread Still Conncting Us


The Strange & Beautiful Life of Daniel Raskovich
Cinders of My Better Angels


Book and cover designs by Tonya Namura