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Spring Meditation

Kevin Miller taught in the public schools of Washington State for thirty-nine years. He taught in Blaine, Gig Harbor, and Olympia, Washington. In 1990-1991 Miller was a Fulbright Exchange teacher at Grenå Handelsskole, Grenå, Denmark. After retirement, he was a volunteer teacher for a year at St. Patrick’s School in Tacoma, Washington. Miller lives in Tacoma, Washington.

His first collection of poems, Light That Whispers Morning, from Blue Begonia Press received the Bumbershoot/ Weyerhaeuser Publication Award in 1994. Blue Begonia Press published his second collection, Everywhere Was Far, in 1998. Pleasure Boat Studio published Home & Away: The Old Town Poems in 2009. Tacoma Arts Commission awarded him support grants for the publication of Everywhere Was Far and Home & Away: The Old Town Poems. Miller’s fourth collection Vanish won the Wandering Aengus Press Publication Award in 2019. He was a member of the Jack Straw Writers program in 2000. Miller’s poems appeared in Heart of the Order, Persea’s Baseball Anthology in 2014, and Spitball 75, a collection of the best poems in the first seventyfive issues of Spitball.

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Poem from Spring Meditation

A Picture of Eudora Welty

This is the March that follows no winter.
Already mosquitoes own left field.
A new kid wants to pitch but not attend class.
A legend from Spokane signs for thirty-one million.
Welty knows about cheap seats;
she knows a story will save our lives.
Stories keep us young.
Give me the right woman in a porch rocker
over any experienced bull pen.