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Raúl Sánchez

Raúl Sánchez

Raúl Sánchez is a Seattle Bio-Tech technician, eschatologist, colletic, prosody enthusiast, hamartiologist, translator, DJ, and cook who conducts workshops on The Day of the Dead. He was featured in the program for the 2011 Burning Word Poetry Festival in Leavenworth WA. His most recent work is the translation of John Burgess’ Punk Poems in his book Graffito. He has been a board member of the Washington Poets Association and is a moderator for the Poets Responding to SB 1070 Facebook page.

His work appeared on-line in The Sylvan Echo, Flurry, Gazoobitales, Pirene’s Fountain and many, many times in La Bloga’s Floricanto weekly Tuesday edition. His book has been nominated for the Washington State Book Award in Poetry for 2013.

Raúl comes from a place south where the sun shines fiercely. He lives in a place surrounded by asphalt, cement, full of rushing cars, coffee houses, fancy houses, empty houses. Where seasons shine and hide in the winter months. Where birds stop on their way south to the land of the sun. Where blessed rain, oh! blessed rain falls.

Upcoming Reading Dates

Raúl will be at the MoonPath Press group reading at Open Books, Seattle, WA. Saturday, November 3rd from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.

Raúl's TEDx Talk: How Creativity Heals

Raúl reading "Brown Angels at Work" on Youtube.

Raúl reading "Euphoria," "Breath," and "Dandelion" in both Spanish and English.

All Our Brown-Skinned Angels

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Poem from All Our Brown-Skinned Angels

All Our Brown-Skinned Angels

No human being
has the right to deprive
others from their freedom

but we live amongst people
who carry stones
instead of hearts

hatred on theirs tongues
These descendants of colonizers’
racist agenda

is always to get rid of those
that don’t fit their way of being
Fear and threats are their weapons

laws such as HB 56 and SB 1070
imposed by judges and rulers
to carry out ethnic cleansing

to eradicate from our soil
all our brown-skinned angels
all our brown-skinned angels

Our skin is not dirty
Our language is not obscene
We are not garbage

The sun shines the same
on all people
no matter how they treat us

We will no longer run
from our oppressors
We will not hide

If we must fight
we will defend ourselves
by our united hearts

Our strength is in our blood
in our voice, in our history
We are warriors, Mexicatiahui!