Poetry Book Release Reading
A House, Undone
by T. Clear

Sunday, January 9 at 1:00pm PST

Live on Zoom
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also featuring
Priscilla Long

hosted by
Lana Hechtman Ayers

T. Clear's A House, Undone is the 2021 Sally Albiso Poetry Book Award winner, selected by Priscilla Long.

“In T. Clear’s exquisite debut collection, A House, Undone, we consider what home is.... Clear is a master of the image, the narrative arc, and the details of a story.”
  ——Kelli Russell Agodon, author of Dialogues with Rising Tides


I yank tangled vines from a hundred years
of Douglas fir soil, knee-deep in ivy
that will cinch an untended tree

in a noose, excrete a glue laced with steel.
When a root surrenders, I careen backwards
into needled loam, more humus than human,

a fragment of the understory. Half my life
I’ve kept this tree from the chainsaw’s snarl,
accepted that any blustery night

could mean death for the both of us,
my bed squarely in the blowdown path.
I’d curse my persistence in a final breath.

T. Clear was born the sixth of seven children, into a noisy, crowded and loving household, in a house bumped up against Pacific Northwest second-growth woodlands, open fields and orchards. Her earliest memories are of wandering among Douglas firs and alders, her legs skirted in bracken ferns, ever-wary of stinging nettles. She and her five sisters harvested hazelnuts and apples, blackberries and rhubarb, the promise of pie luring them back into the kitchen where all nine family members gathered each evening for supper. It was a gentle life and provided the landscape from which her writing has grown.

After many years working in glass art, she now works in Human Relations for Seattle Cider Company.

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"Holy Magic leans into the palette of our days and lays out the case, poem by poem, that the light vibrations that surround us are more than a scientific fact, they enter our bodies, trigger our imaginations, inform our moods, soothe our senses."
   —Claudia Castro Luna, Washington State Poet Laureate, 2018-2021

Things That Are Purple

Bruises. Irises. Mountains
distant. Iridescent crows.
Purple jasper, purple jade,
lilac blooms. Plums,
evening shadows. Purple
petunias. The primrose.
Prince singing Purple Rain.
To Kandinsky, violet was sad,
a cooled red. So, a mood
can be purple. Me? I say bliss
is orange, sorrow, indigo..

Priscilla Long is a Seattle based poet, writer, editor, and a longtime independent teacher of writing. She is the 2020 Sally Albiso Poetry Book Award winner for Holy Magic, selected by Carmen Germain.

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