Poetry Book Release Reading
For Judith Waller Carroll and Kevin Miller

Sunday, May 22 at 3:00pm PDT

Live on Zoom

hosted by
Lana Hechtman Ayers

Judith Waller Carroll's Ordinary Splendor was just published by MoonPath Press.

“Judith Waller Carroll’s Ordinary Splendor evokes the magic of everyday living with direct language as well as incisive metaphors and similes: ‘the heron’s long neck pointed like a compass needle.’ ‘Such a fuss about the stars,’ writes Carroll, a poet who sees clearly the many miracles that are often overlooked but who concludes that ‘at the end, / this is what I will remember.’ Imbued with insight and questions that celebrate a lifetime of experiences, these poems explore the ache of living with wide open eyes: ‘Yes, I know. Somewhere, someone / is doing unspeakable things to another’  but also with understanding that there is so much more.’”
   —KB Ballentine, author of Edge of the Echo and The Light Tears Loose

My Mother Fixing Supper

Every night at suppertime, my mother sang.
Clues to what she was cooking were sprinkled like salt.
Cry Me a River she’d croon as she sliced
onions, slid them into bubbling butter,
We’re in the Money if she’d splurged on steak.
Once the food was on the table and my father seated,
she was all business—napkins on laps
and mind your manners—but while it was cooking
our kitchen was as raucous as a dance hall,
my sister and I twirling past each other
as we laid out knives and forks,
steam rising around my mother’s face
as she drained the potatoes, another song
beginning as she scooped flour from a canister,
whisked it into hot grease, and still singing,
turned it into gravy.

Judith Waller Carroll grew up in Montana, spent thirty years in the San Francisco Bay Area, sixteen years in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, and currently lives in Oregon— locales that inspire her work.

Carroll is the author of What You Saw and Still Remember, a runner-up for the 2017 Main Street Rag Poetry Award, The Consolation of Roses, winner of the 2015 Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press Poetry Prize, and Walking in Early September (Finishing Line Press, 2012). Her poems have been read by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac, published in numerous journals and anthologies, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.

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Kevin Miller's Spring Meditation was just published by MoonPath Press. It is a tribute to baseball in poetry—the majors, the minors, the players, the coaches. It's also a poetic memoir of a life lived with baseball in the foreground.

A Picture of Eudora Welty

This is the March that follows no winter.
Already mosquitoes own left field.
A new kid wants to pitch but not attend class.
A legend from Spokane signs for thirty-one million.
Welty knows about cheap seats;
she knows a story will save our lives.
Stories keep us young.
Give me the right woman in a porch rocker
over any experienced bull pen.

Kevin Miller taught in the public schools of Washington State for thirty-nine years. He taught in Blaine, Gig Harbor, and Olympia, Washington. In 1990-1991 Miller was a Fulbright Exchange teacher at Grenå Handelsskole, Grenå, Denmark. After retirement, he was a volunteer teacher for a year at St. Patrick’s School in Tacoma, Washington. Miller lives in Tacoma, Washington.

His first collection of poems, Light That Whispers Morning, from Blue Begonia Press received the Bumbershoot/ Weyerhaeuser Publication Award in 1994. Blue Begonia Press published his second collection, Everywhere Was Far, in 1998. Pleasure Boat Studio published Home & Away: The Old Town Poems in 2009. Tacoma Arts Commission awarded him support grants for the publication of Everywhere Was Far and Home & Away: The Old Town Poems. Miller’s fourth collection Vanish won the Wandering Aengus Press Publication Award in 2019. He was a member of the Jack Straw Writers program in 2000. Miller’s poems appeared in Heart of the Order, Persea’s Baseball Anthology in 2014, and Spitball 75, a collection of the best poems in the first seventyfive issues of Spitball.

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