Poetry Book Release Reading
For Alice Derry and Suzanne Edison

Sunday, November 13 at 3:00pm PDT

Live on Zoom

hosted by
Lana Hechtman Ayers

Alice Derry's Asking was just published by MoonPath Press.

Asking is what our entire country is doing—how to bear up under the loss of so many, these absences of our dearly beloveds. These poems answer by more than memory—by joining the beloved to the present in a way that makes asking itself an answer. An exceptional mind is at work here, lyrically, and with suppositional insistence, making a framework in poetry to approach and re-approach the death and the love—its successes and daily quandaries, its deep companioning—this is what really makes this book sing.” 
   —Tess Gallagher, author of Is, Is Not

A Quarter Note

In the funnel of their leaves 
over the winding canal road,
igniting the firs’ dark hood,
October dusk dropping,
maybe I do feel bigleaf maples’
final shine before the fall.

Maybe I do see a glimpse
of our old life together.
While you drove, smoothing
the car through its curves,
I could listen 
for yellow’s quarter note

in the red’s deep gong.
Risk that. Don’t be silly,
you’d say. But I was,
you there, and I, careful
to hear the music, since anytime
might be the last.

Asking is Alice Derry’s sixth full collection of poetry. Her fifth book Hunger appeared from MoonPath Press in 2017. Her fourth book Tremolo appeared from Red Hen in 2012. Tess Gallagher writes of the book: “Tremolo is a tour de force of vibratory power that marks Alice Derry as having come into her own as one of our very best poets.” Strangers to Their Courage (Louisiana State University Press, 2001), was a finalist for the 2002 Washington Book Award. Li-Young Lee writes of Strangers: “This book … asks us to surrender our simplistic ideas about race and prejudice, memory and forgetfulness, and begin to uncover a new paradigm for ‘human.’” Stages of Twilight (Breitenbush, 1986), won the King County Publication Award, chosen by Raymond Carver. Clearwater appeared from Blue Begonia Press in 1997. Derry has three chapbooks: Getting Used to the Body (Sagittarius Press, 1989), Not As You Once Imagined (Trask House, 1993), and translations from the German poet Rainer Rilke (Pleasure Boat Studio, 2002).

Derry’s M.F.A. is from Goddard College (now Warren Wilson). She is Professor Emerita at Peninsula College, Port Angeles, where she directed the Foothills Writers Series for three decades. In 2013, she helped plan the 75th Raymond Carver Birthday Celebration and delivered its keynote address; in 2017, she was Peninsula College’s 17th Writer in Residence. With colleague Kate Reavey, she has also facilitated writing workshops for area tribes. She lives and works on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

Visit Alice's Author Page at MoonPathPress.com

Suzanne Edison's Since the House Is Burining was just published by MoonPath Press.

“Suzanne Edison’s gorgeously lyrical collection Since the House Is Burning understands one of the most important principles of poetry: that it first be a pleasure in language. Of course, these are often bittersweet pleasures, if a poet is willing to tell the truth of her experience as Edison does here (in this case, as a wife, mother, daughter; as citizen of a world on fire and a caretaker to many). Musically adept, formally precise, both clear eyed and unfailingly empathetic in its worldview, it’s a beautiful book—one any thoughtful reader of poetry will be glad to know.”
   —Erin Belieu, author of Come-Hither, Honeycomb (Copper Canyon Press)


after Robert Hass

I left God in her Temple when you got sick.

Foolish to utter that name, like trying to lasso clouds
wandering an indigo arc.

I praise instead the sunflowers’ beneficent heads,
their Fibonacci faces divining light. I march

between rows of beans, corn, and all dirtshrouded
tubers begging us bend

as we sow, and witness the parlay of earthworms,
their castings, our gold.

I rant my prayers to the righteous communities of bees,
their loyalty spinning alchemies day and night.

On the wild shore, where the sea breaks its back,
between foam and spray, I walk splintered

like an armless starfish, waiting: for the turn
of tide, a waxing breath, my place among

the minyan of slack-jawed, facing slack water.

Suzanne Edison MA, MFA, writes most often about the intersection of illness, healing, our natural world, politics, and art. Her chapbook, The Body Lives Its Undoing, is an exploration in poetry and visual art of the lived experience of patients with autoimmune diseases and their caregivers, doctors, and scientists. It was published by The Benaroya Research Institute in 2018. The Moth Eaten World was published by Finishing Line Press in 2014. Poetry can be found in: Michigan Quarterly Review; Canadian Medical Association Journal; HEAL; Persimmon Tree; JAMA; SWWIM Everyday; Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine; Mom Egg Review; Naugatuck River Review; Rise Up Review; Whale Road Review; What Rough Beast; Passager; The Ekphrastic Review; and in several anthologies, including, Face to Face: Women Writers on Faith, Mysticism and Awakening; and The Healing Art of Writing, Volume One.

Suzanne, a 2019 Hedgebrook Women’s Writing Residency alumna, teaches writing workshops at Richard Hugo House in Seattle. She has designed and taught Reflective Writing Workshops to medical personnel at Virginia Mason Hospital at Seattle, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the University of Washington Medical Center. She also teaches writing workshops to patients through Cancer LifeLine, and to caregivers through UCSF Chronic Illness Center, the Juvenile Diabetes and Research Foundation, and the Cure JM (Juvenile Myositis) Foundation.

She has been a recipient of several grants: 4Culture of King County, the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, as well as an Artist Trust GAP grant.

Suzanne is almost a native Pacific Northwesterner, having lived in the area for 45 years. She is a gardener and dahlia fanatic. She loves to hike, exploring deserts, mountains, and waterways with her husband and adult daughter. Her two cats usually find their way home at night.

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