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MoonPath Press Nominates 2019 Authors for Pushcart Prize

Patriarchy Blues Wins an 2018 American Book Award

We are thrilled to announce that Rena Priest's Patriarchy Blues has won an American Book Award for 2018.

Between Darkness & Trust A Finalist for the 2019 Washington State
Book Awards

Lorraine Ferra's book Between Darkness & Trust is a finalist for the 2019 Washington State Book Awards.

Featured Poems and Books

Connie K Walle's poem "Write Me a Love Poem" from What's Left was featured on The Writer's Almanac.

Michael Magee's poem "Odysseus in the Land of Lettuce Eaters" from How We Move Toward Light was featured on The Writer's Alamanac.

"Ice Would Suffice" from Risa Denenber's slight faith was recently featured on Verse Daily.

Rena Priest's book Patriarchy Blues was featured in article about Native women to read Female Native authors for your reading list [Crosscut].

Rena Preist's poem "The Rental Dog" was featured on Verse Daily.

Lois Parker Edstrom's poem "Doing Dishes" was featured on Ted Kooser's American Life in Poetry.

James Bertolino's poem "A Wedding Toast" was featured on Ted Kooser's American Life in Poetry.

Thresholds A Finalist for the 2018 Washington State Book Awards

Glenna Cook's book Thresholds was a finalist for the 2018 Washington State Book Awards.

Recently Released

The Walk She Takes by Neile Graham of Seattle, WA

The Slow Subtraction: A.L.S. by Joseph Powell of Ellensburg, WA

A River Once More by Matthew Campbell Roberts of Bellingham, WA

Glint by Lois Parker Edstrom of Whideby Island, WA

The Old Refusals by Carmen Germain of Port Angeles, WA

The Marriage of Space and Time by Jed Myers of Seattle, WA

Mostly Luck by Lorraine Healy of Whidbey Island, WA

How We Move Toward Light by Michael Magee of Tacoma, WA

An Undercurrent of Jitters by Carol Levin of Seattle, WA

What's Left by Connie K Walle of Tacoma, WA

Between Darkness & Trust by Lorraine Ferra of Port Townsend, WA

Moonless Grief by Sally Albiso, Port Angeles, WA

slight faith by Risa Denenberg, Olympic Peninsula, WA

MoonPath Press Author Wins Coveted Nautilus Award

Jill McCabe Johnson's Diary Of The One Swelling Sea won the Nautilus Award for poetry. The Nautilus Awards annually recognize Books and Audio Books that Promote Spiritual Growth, Conscious Living, and Positive Social Change as they stimulate the imagination and inspire the reader to new possibilities for a better world.