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Anita K. Boyle

Anita K. Boyle

Photo Credit: James Bertolino

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An illustrator and graphic designer, Anita K. Boyle has spent her lifetime as a dedicated denizen of the Pacific Northwest. During a Willard R. Espy Foundation literary residency in 2003, she wrote sixty poems, and still had time for small talk with a coyote. Boyle is author of the chapbook Bamboo Equals Loon (Egress Studio Press, 2001). Her poems have appeared in literary magazines, including StringTown, The Raven Chronicles, Crab Creek Review, Cranky, Indiana Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Mudlark, Margin, Mirror Northwest, and in the anthologies Red Sky Morning and Saints of Hysteria. She lives near an inspiring pond outside Bellingham, Washington, with her poet-friend-partner James Bertolino—who she has collaborated with on two chapbooks of poetry. Egress Studio is a short jog from the house, where she can be found happily doing the same new things every day.

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What the Alder Told Me

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Poem from What the Alder Told Me

Listen. The Birds Speak

to me each morning. I hear them
just before I rise. They’ve told me things
I didn’t want to know.
You wouldn’t care to hear

about the little girl down the street,
or what they did to her
black and white cat.
It was in the newspaper this morning,
yet the birds told me yesterday
at six a.m. They speak English, and
it freaks me out. I’d move across town,
or even further south, but

I know they’d find me. No telling
what they might divulge then.
Besides, maybe I shouldn’t move.
How could I give up
this gift, this miracle of knowing
what the birds say?

Anita K. Boyle at Village Books

What the Alder Told Me book launch at Village Books in Bellingham, WA on January 28, 2011

Anita K. Boyle at Burning Word

What the Alder Told Me reading at Burning Word May 21, 2011